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Evil always finds a way.
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Discovery of a Lifetime - Part 4
The two of them continued walking along the corridors of the Blue Tower that seemed to slope both up and down gently, while Vergal found himself having trouble with not bending his toes in a painful way inside his boots as he almost tripped over few flights of stairs that seemed to appear or plain grow out of the crystalline structure of the tower in front of them now and then. He was about to remark about this peculiar change in architecture, for there had been no stairs that he at least recalled when they had been walking the other direction earlier. But as Synn's step came to a halt and she slid her hand across the wall opposite to yet another ornate balcony, this time sealed behind translucent but solid door that could have as well been made out of glacial ice, Vergal was once more reminded that the Blue Tower was so unlike his or Atrej's own towers as the segment of the wall under Synn's touch slid aside and revealed a shortcut to the hall they had been at earlier.
"More broth? Or
:iconlamaohi:Lamaohi 3 18
Mature content
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:bulletpurple: Current list of things to expect (in order, more or less):bulletpurple:

:bulletblack: Pictures of Taegan that are safe to upload here : Some will be uploaded here at some point in the future, if they are not made by and therefore already present on other DA artists pages. Status: Ongoing / Continuous.

:bulletyellow: Discovery of a Lifetime - Part 4. Secret of the black pouch revealed. Something ancient, something new. End of an era? Status: 50% done. Writing. Estimated upload somewhere between 18.5 and 1.6.
:bulletblack: Bet Between Gods - Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4. Status: Rewriting planned. Will try and alternate between the new Vergal story and this in terms of uploads. Status: In the plans.
:bulletyellow: Lightning and Fire (working title) - Chapter 1. A Thief, Senator, and the Captain of Special Forces meet. Fire in a mansion. A deadly fall. Status: 90% done. No changes here due to busy school schedule.
:bulletyellow: Lightning and Fire (working title) - Chapter 2. Waking up in a prison. Thief gets his rear handed to him. A palace more busy than usual. Hidden staircases and elven nobles. An audience with the Lord of the Isle. Status: About 85% done, give or take.
:bulletyellow: Lightning and Fire (working title) - Chapter 3. Politics and forging of an alliance. Final preparations and showing off the weapons of war. Island of Geragha declares war against the continent that once shipped their ancestors for slavery. A great fleet sets sail. Status: 25%
:bulletblue: Lightning and Fire (working title) - Chapter 4. A Prince secures a coastal city in preparation for landing upon the shores. First prisoners of war. A demigod realizes all is not well.

Note: Percentages given are estimates. Percentages may fluctuate to smaller or bigger numbers depending on things.
Colour code:
:bulletblack: - In the making but progress is either nonexistent or slow / Miscellaneous thing with no set date / Date cannot be set due to different reasons
:bulletyellow: - In the making
:bulletgreen: - Done / Almost ready to be uploaded
:bulletblue: - Planned and outlined, nothing written as of yet.


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As the title says, have a merry and joyous one, whatever it may be that you celebrate this weekend. Or a quiet and calm one. After all, no one should dictate and state how you spend this time of the year. Spend it as you desire, and enjoy doing so!

Also yes I know it is the 24th, but in my family (and in most other families in Finland), Christmas celebrations start on the 24th. This the chosen country of Santa after all, bwahaha. It's only acceptable that we start these things a day early and have 3 entire days dedicated to this stuff.

So yes. Enjoy your holidays. And if you are spending the holidays at work, try to enjoy the calm there, if you can. Restaurants and healthcare places might naturally be a tad more hectic but I am sure you who work in such places during the holidays will pull through.
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Minion Handler Extraordinare
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Quote: "If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe." -Carl Sagan

One of three founders of: :iconoverlord-fanclub:

Concerning the use of Taegan: If you wish to use Taegan in your art, writings, animations, so on and so forth, then ask me first. If I like the idea, I will most likely give you the permission to use Taegan. As long as you communicate with me in regards of what you have planned. If I don't like the idea, then I will say no. Simple as that.

Telegram: You can find me from Telegram under the name SirRahka. Feel free to contact me through there if you use that service, I do not mind in the least. I also do not bite, usually.


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